Prepaid Funerals Demystified

Event: Prepaid Funerals Demystified
When: Tuesday, February 9, 2020, 5pm
Where: Zoom 

This class is for both "regular consumers" who are planning ahead, and for FCA affiliate leaders looking to understand prepaid funerals. 

Join us to learn:

— Why prepaying doesn't 'take care of everything'
— The truth about how 'price guarantees' really work
— Common confusions that upset survivors
— How to read a real prepaid funeral contract and

     understand it in plain-English
— What happens if you prepay but die away from the

     funeral home's service area
— The difference between prepaying with a trust

     account vs. an insurance policy
— When prepaying might be a good idea (most of the

     time, it isn't)
— Safer ways to put money aside for your eventual


This workshop will prepare you to make a fully informed decision about what to do with the money you want to put aside for your eventual funeral.

"How long will the meeting run?"—About 90 minutes


"Will there be a Q&A?"—Yes

"Will this meeting be recorded if I can't make the live event?" Yes. It will be available to all who pay and register as both a live class and a recording for later viewing.

$10 Suggested minimum donation

Click here to register.





NOVEMBER 21, 2020

11:00 AM

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