Jean Okuye, President became aware of this advocacy organization many years ago in 1965

                            when her father, who was a member, died.  Jean became a member soon

                            after thinking, "we never know when our time comes."

                            After caregiving for three loved ones who died within 5 months, Jean realized

                            how important it is to know where to go for information.  Jean has been

                            involved with this organization since 2002 as a volunteer.  Jean is a retired

                            teacher, a farmer, and an advocate for sustainable living. 

Jean is a past President of both the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Stanislaus and Merced Counties and Funeral Consumers Alliance of California.

Chris Paul, Vice President served with Jean on the Board of Directors of the Funeral

                            Consumers Alliance of Stanislaus and Merced Counties and continues to

                            serve as an active board member.

                            Chris has been serving individual and business clients in multiple states with

                            insurance planning solutions, including but not limited to income

                            replacement, long-term care, employee benefits, estate planning, and

                            charitable giving as an independent insurance agent/broker since 1988.  

Chris has also participated as a public speaker and Chartered Lifetime Assistance Planner for California Center for Life Planning for Persons with Disabilities, a non-profit organization now operating as National Center on Life Planning that provides special needs life planning in a team approach with families and professionals to plan for the future care, supervision, security, and quality of life of a loved one with special needs.

Rev. Miguel A. DeGuzman, Treasurer, a retired United Methodist clergy with 48 years of

                                     pastoral ministry in the Philippines, Seattle and Everett, Washington,

                                     and Southern California. Miguel's served as one of the community

                                     chaplains at Temple City Sheriff’s Department and the Methodist

                                     Hospital in Arcadia, CA. Miguel remains active in the life of the church, in

                                     the retired group of United Methodist Ministers and at Baker Home for

                                     Retired Ministers, editing and publishing their newsletter.

Allan Wicker, Corresponding Secretary has been an FCA-LA member since 2005. A retired university professor, he has held sabbatical and post-retirement teaching appointments at universities in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central Asia. His volunteer experience includes homeowner association board member, AARP safe driving instructor, hospice volunteer, and officer in a 4-wheel driving group.

Janet Cornwell, Director, is a retired publications specialist with decades of experience in

                            writing, editing, illustration and document design. Janet has served as a

                            board member and advisor to several nonprofit organizations. In Janet's

                            spare time, Janet is also a professional folk-singer and living history


F. Allison Boyle, Director, became a member of the Funeral Society of Los Angeles in the

                            80’s. Allison has had two family members pass and has used FCALA services. 

                            Allison has two children who live in Pasadena.

                            Allison has a BA from Michigan State University and a Juris Doctorate from

                            San Fernando Valley College of Law.

                            Allison was Vice President, Operations Manager for a small company for 22

                            years that represented employers in Unemployment Insurance and Tax matters. Allison also consulted in Human Resources and Labor Law. Allison retired in 2017. Allison has been a member of several small charitable organizations and President of a small political group. Allison is also presently working with California Election Integrity Project and California School Choice Organization.

Note: All Board of Directors were elected to serve from November 2020 to November 2021 and serve the FCA on a 100% volunteer basis.

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